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300 Rectifitor cabinet

The 300 rectifitor cabinet can provide a complete solution for the welding of low carbon steel, high strength steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. The 300 rectifitor cabinet adjusts the operation buttons by observing the various AC and DC meters that display the working status of the high-frequency welding machine, so that there will be no mistakes in welding control. If you need it, you can contact us Jinyujie Electromechanical.

Product description


No Item Numerical value
1 Product number GGP300-0.3-H
3 High frequency power GGP300KW
4 Dimensions  


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Processing Capacity
Technological Process
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Processing Capacity
Model Steel pipe type Welding speed Welding method Remark
GGP300-0.3-H Round pipe

Induction welding ≥40m/min
Contact welding≥50m/min

Induction welding, contact welding Steel Pipe
Rectangular pipe
Special-shaped tube


The 300 rectifitor cabinet is the auxiliary equipment of the welded pipe unit equipment. The scope of application of this equipment is low carbon and high strength steel pipe (round pipe, rectangular pipe, special-shaped pipe) welding, stainless steel pipe welding, copper pipe welding, aluminum pipe welding, H-beam welding, finned pipe welding. Welding methods can be divided into induction welding and contact welding.

Product Information of 300 Rectifitor cabinet
① Product number GGP300-0.3-H ② Product size  
③ Altitude Not more than 2000 meters ④ Product name 300 Rectifitor cabinet
⑤ Ambient temperature Not more than +40℃, not lower than -5℃ ⑥ Structure type Floor-standing
⑦ Nominal power 300KW ⑧ Rated voltage 450V
⑨ Product packaging Carton and rainproof packaging ⑩ Frequency Range 250~300kHz


Technological Process

Features of 300 Rectifitor Cabinet

The integrated design of the switch cabinet and the rectifier part is realized. In addition to the function of the switch cabinet, it also has the rectification control function of the solid-state high-frequency machine. Realize the functions of remote operation, power adjustment, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of solid-state high frequency welding machine.

① Install the incoming line knife switch, incoming line ammeter, voltmeter (switchable) and incoming line voltage indicator light;

② Install three-phase fully controlled thyristor rectifier bridge to realize function adjustment of high frequency welding machine.

③ Install smoothing reactance and smoothing capacitor filter to improve smoothing coefficient.

④ A variety of AC and DC meters and operation buttons are installed to display the working status of the high-frequency welding machine.

⑤ It is convenient for users to operate and monitor on site.

Parameter information of 300 Rectifitor Cabinet
Num Parameter name Parameter information
1 Welder model GGP300-0.3-H
2 AC input 3AC380V50/60Hz
3 Rated DC voltage 450V
4 Rated DC current 660A
5 Frequency Range 250~300kHz
6 Electrical efficiency ≥85%
7 Working status Continuous


Product picture details
300 Rectifitor cabinet
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After Sales Support

Demonstration Of Pipe Making Scheme

According to the steel pipe application field and production capacity demand, formulate process forming scheme, recommend appropriate pipe making equipment and provide pipe making solutions.

Installation And Debugging Service

Engineers come to the site to assist in the planning of production site and water and electricity supply; Provide installation guidance for mechanical and electrical equipment, be responsible for equipment commissioning and operation, formulate process adjustment plan, and ensure pipe discharge.

After Sales Support
After Sales Support

Supply Of Spare Parts

Long term cooperation with domestic feeding looper equipment manufacturers, welded pipe unit manufacturers, fixed length cutting equipment manufacturers, steel pipe palletizing and packaging equipment manufacturers, mold parts processing manufacturers, spare parts worry free.

Production Organization And Coordination

Focus on welded pipe industry for 30 years, 18 years of welded pipe equipment manufacturing and service experience, extensive industry contacts, thousands of successful cases of welded pipe production line, have the ability to train and introduce talents for you, build a team of welded pipe production personnel, and ensure smooth production.

Company Advantages

Company Advantages

Honest and trustworthy, true source of goods

● Jinyujie mechanical and electrical company,     registered for 18 years, honest and trustworthy;
● Enjoy good reputation and reputation in the industry;
● Hebei and Guangdong, two warehousing, real  source of goods.

Team operation and multi support

Have welded pipe process, mechanical, electrical engineer 5, site installation and debugging technician 3, outsourcing partners more than 10. Can provide customers with: equipment selection, plant power planning, installation and commissioning, process adjustment.

Company Advantages
Company Advantages

Installation and debugging to ensure pipe outlet

● Jinyujie mechanical and electrical company, registered for 18 years, honest and trustworthy;
● Enjoy good reputation and reputation in the industry;
● Hebei and Guangdong, two warehousing, real source of goods.


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