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Company Advantages
Company Advantages

Honest and trustworthy, true source of goods

● Jinyujie mechanical and electrical company, registered for 18       years, honest and trustworthy;
● Enjoy good reputation in the industry;
● Hebei province and Guangdong province, two warehousing, real  source of goods.

Team operation and multi support

● Have 5 welded pipe process engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers

● Have 3  site installation and debugging technicians

● Outsourcing more than 10 partners

● Provide customers with: equipment selection, plant power planning, installation and commissioning, process adjustment.

Company Advantages
Company Advantages

Installation and debugging 
to ensure pipe outlet

● Installation and debugging at home and abroad to make sure production

 Recommend human resource base on our the 30 years of experience in welded pipe filed

 Cooperation with 12 manufactures to offer spare parts

Company  Partner

About Jinyujie

Used welded pipe equipment supplier

Foshan Shunde jinyujie Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as jinyujie electromechanical):founded in 2001, the company mainly deals with the acquisition and transfer of used welded pipe units, and one stop service for customers such as installation, commissioning, maintenance and customization.

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